Anonymous asked:

Hello! Is it bad/cultural appropriation to buy something that contains a dream catcher on it? I find it beautiful its past history, but I'm non-native and I want to educate myself about, specifically, the dream catchers. I hope I'm not saying anything wrong. Much appreciation.

First of all, dreamcatchers aren’t like an ancient relic…it’s kinda messed up to say you appreciate its past when it’s still being used in the present. If you want to know more about dreamcatchers, I suggest you talk to an Anishinaabe person, as that is the culture from which they originate. In general, dreamcatchers are meant to be hung above your bed, not tattooed or printed on a t-shirt. If you do decide to buy something with a dreamcatcher on it, please make sure you’re buying it from an authentic Native-owned business. 

On a personal note, I believe that if non-Natives want to wear something with a dreamcatcher, they should be actively involved in efforts for Native rights too, or be a part of an offline Native community of some kind. It’s pretty gross to be interested in a cultural object and not down for the people that culture belongs to. 

Please check our FAQ before asking us questions about cultural appropriation—we get these regularly and have answered them all before! Néá’eše for your efforts to be sensitive to indigenous peoples and cultures.